Fair Disclosure Policy

Wayside Technology Group, Inc. is committed to fair disclosure of information to its shareholders, the financial community and the public.

Wayside Technology Group, Inc. and its management team believe the Company is best served by maintaining active and open communication with existing and potential investors regarding Wayside Technology Group, Inc.'s historical performance and future prospects. Wayside Technology Group, Inc. may enhance shareholder value by publicly articulating its strategies, business strengths and growth opportunities. The Company is also aware of its need for confidentiality about details of key business and operating strategies and may at times limit its comments for competitive reasons.

Standard Communications

Wayside Technology Group, Inc. will periodically and regularly communicate with its shareholders and other members of the investment community about its business operations. The Company employs press releases, telecommunications and potentially other media to convey to all interested persons communication including:

  • A quarterly press release that discloses financial results for the prior quarter and the Company's fiscal year to date, and other general information.
  • A quarterly conference call open to financial analysts, the media and the public that discusses the quarterly financial results and provides information that may impact operating results.
  • A playback of the quarterly conference call, which will be made available at a phone number disclosed in the quarterly press release and on the Wayside Technology Group, Inc. Web site.
In addition to these periodic communications, Wayside Technology Group, Inc. may hold conference calls or other communications, such as webcasts or Web site postings, in which the Company may disclose new developments in its business and operations.

Analyst Communications

Wayside Technology Group, Inc. participates in conferences sponsored by securities firms, and other investor conferences. The Company will post all presentations made at these conferences on its Web site and, in the event of the release of material information, issue a media release describing the information. Wayside Technology Group, Inc. may, in some circumstances, also file a Form 8-K providing the same information.

Wayside Technology Group, Inc. may observe a "quiet period."

Wayside Technology Group, Inc. will also talk to individual analysts and investors, following clear guidelines, to provide background information concerning its business. Similarly, the Company will continue to participate in other public forums at which analysts or investors could be present, including industry seminars, trade shows, employee and annual shareholder meetings, and meetings with commercial partners, which may be shareholders. We do not intend to disclose any material, non-public information during these meetings. However, if it is determined that material, non-public information has been unintentionally disclosed, appropriate public disclosure in accordance with Regulation FD will be made.

Authorized Spokespersons

Wayside Technology Group, Inc. speaks to the financial community and shareholders through authorized representatives. The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, the Vice President and Chief Accounting Officer and other officers are authorized to communicate on behalf of the corporation to analysts, securities market professionals and major stockholders of the corporation.

Other officers or employees of the Company may from time to time communicate with analysts and investors as part of Wayside Technology Group, Inc.'s investor relations program. In such instances, an authorized representative will also be present. No employee is authorized to communicate business or financial information about the Company that is non-public, material information, except through company-sanctioned public disclosure or for business purposes under a non-disclosure agreement.

Employees will be notified that, except as specified in this policy, they shall not communicate to analysts and investors and shall refer all questions to the Chief Accounting Officer or, in his/her absence, another authorized representative.


Wayside Technology Group, Inc. endeavors to make appropriate announcements and to conduct interviews with the media about its business, technology and significant developments.